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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Call me Carlos or Corri
I'm very out of touch with DA and barely know how shit works :')
I'm not really talkactive and draw like 24/7.

I'm posting more on Tumblr and Instagram
but i'm always happy with messages <3



He's good with children

I love this man and i already have a story in mind, that hes looking for abandoned children in the forest and brings them to his village. And hes seen as the Dad of the Village 😩 Something like that
"Can I smash you when I am older or would that be weird" ~ the children (Perytonn) 


[Excuse for grammar, spelling mistakes or anything else lmao)
So i had a dream that Carloz  was part of the Te'revecxta army and the army from Ne'vean thought Carloz was a spy and was flying with his ship over Ne'vean cause its the fastest way to get to Alkr'avin, homeplanet of Carloz (its not canon)---Toby shot him down with his fighter and Carloz crashed. Toby had to capture Carloz but he freaked out and went away and told him that he wasn't a spy or anything like that, he just had important things to do. Toby felt guilty and offered Carloz help and he told him that he needed to go to Alkra'vin as fast as possible. Yet Toby wasn't allowed to go out of the Galaxy without permissions from the general, but he did it anyway.--- When they landed on the planet, everything was empty and dark, cold and abandoned. Toby got really nervous after a while and told Carloz repeatly that he heard some kind of noises, Carloz ignored it all and just wanted to figure out where everyone is and went with Toby into the tunnels of Alkra'vin. (If you know the game Monstrum then hey ho) Both heard an aweful noise and tried to find their way out but only found some kind of Monster walking around and chased them---- Don't know anymore here.. only that in my dream i got repeatly killed by that Monster :-) (like in Monstrum lmao)

Toby (Left) belongs to LoreNom 


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Oh jeez your art is so gorgeous <333
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Thank you so much for the watch :)
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Very welcome <3!
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Could literally stare at your art all day 
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Oh my gosh 
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bruh your art is amazing :thumbsup:
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Thank you so much!
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